Potroast overseas

Potroast went to Frankfurt earlier this year, included in Bryce Galloway’s Incredibly Hot Sex with Hideous People: ZINES AUS NEUSEELAND with loads of other excellent New Zealand zines.

More info here: http://www.nzatfrankfurt.govt.nz/events/incredibly-hot-sex-hideous-people-zines-new-zealand

Can you spot a page from Potroast #9 in this photo?

A huge thank you to Bryce Galloway for the opportunity and support!


Christmas for Subscribers

We want to thank our subscribers for their support this year.

We’ve made a mini-zine for you for Christmas

It’ll be in your mailboxes before Christmas!

The mini-zine includes works from;
Marc Conaco
Kelly Malone
Rickitinic aka Nicola Brady
Emily Starrett Wright
Eli Lamont
& Hannah Rose Owen-Wright

Best of the Fest – Runners Up

Wellington Zinefest have announced the Best Of The Fest Award on their blog here.

Potroast #10 is one of the five runner’s up.
Awarded for the high quality materiality of the zine and as a nod to having printed our 10th issue.

Also awarded as a runner up is Lucy Meyle with her publication All Messages Play Back. Lucy contributed to the Potroast Comics issue. Her work is beautiful; using high quality paper she explores abstract ideas with an experimental take on comics. lucymeyle.com/

Wellington Zinefest

We had a great time at the Wellington Zinefest. It was a fabulous event testament to the fabulous Zinefest Committee in Wellington. Mighty Mighty was a great, welcoming venue.

We sold out of Issue 10, just a week after it was launched. It was a great success. Most people who picked up an issue and flicked through it, bought one. A huge thank you to our contributors for your excellent work, you encouraged many people to buy Potroast!

PT10 Launch Photos

What an amazing night!
Thank you to all those involved! All our contributors, performers, speakers, Auckland Libraries, Hearts Content Catering, and to everyone who came to the event to celebrate the launch of Issue 10 – only 30 copies left!

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Thanks to Samantha Leigh for the photos

Launch Line-up

6pm at the Auckland Central Library, Level 2.

We will begin with wine and nibbles including prawn sushi sandwiches, egg rolls and baked salmon.

Followed by performances and talks from:
Michael Onslow-Osborne
Kim Rose Wigmore
Iain Britton
Hannah Rose Owen-Wright
Jeremy Roberts
Allison Li
Tony Green
Laurelle Jones.
Rachael Naomi Heimann
Raewyn Alexander
Penny Sommervaille
Marc Conaco III

And we’ll finish off with chocolate brownies!