Rickitinic – Art Print/Poster Giveaway

Rickitinic has contributed this amazing Cross Section of a house which will appear in Issue 9; Craggy House

We’re giving away free prints of the Craggy House, signed and numbered by the artist to those who have subscriptions and those who pre order Issue 9.

Subscriptions cost $12 for two issues including postage. (Past contributors are entitled to a discounted subscription of $8)

Issue 9 is $5 which you can pick up at the launch or add postage of $1.20

To buy a subscription or pre order, email potroasted@gmail.com with the details of your order and transfer $12, $6.20 or $5 to ASB 12-3066-0393146-00

Want to see more of Rickitinic?


We need your help.

Hello Fans of Potroast!

We are putting together an application for funding to help Potroast grow and develop, to increase submissions, subscriptions and circulation.

We need your help. We need your comments for our funding proposal to show that people are reading Potroast and what they value about it; to show how important Potroast is and what it can achieve in the future.

Please tell us what you like about Potroast, what work or contributors have been your favourite, and what you look forward to in a new issue.

Leave a comment here, on facebook, on twitter or email it to us.

Who will be in Potroast #9?

We are very pleased to announce the contributors of Potroast #9:

Eli Lamont
Jovan Milovic
Mark Sweeney
Richard Richards
Thomas Casey
Hannah Owen-Wright

Alex Taylor
Alexander Abraham
Chris Lindores
Emily Starrett Wright
Jeremy Roberts
Kelly Malone
Kirsty Dunn
Boris White
Sophie Craig

Katherine Wilkinson