Submission Guidelines

We are currently closed for submissions.

Please send your submissions to:
Please read through all guidelines below before sending us your work.

We do not accept simultaneous submissions (Submitting the same work to other journals at the same time you submit it to Potroast)
Your work should not have been published before, including online journals (personal blogs and facebook postings are okay)
If your submission is accepted, we acquire worldwide first serial rights. Copyright returns to you upon publication.
Please acknowledge Potroast as first place of publication when printed elsewhere.
Payment may be made when Potroast is in receipt of funding, you may be offered a subscription in lieu of payment. Payment of any kind is not guaranteed.

Please submit:

Writing of any kind, 500 words maximum (we do accept excerpts of longer works)
Visual work of any kind that can be replicated in printed media. The work must reproduce well in black and white and must be submitted at a minimum of 300dpi.

Admin Requirements

– Submissions are accepted via email only.
– Include the word ‘Submission’ and your name in the subject line
– Submissions should be attached (they should not be in the body of an email)
– Please save your file as your name and the title of your work. (If multiple works, include the number of works in place of the title)
– Accepted formats are:
 accepted formats
We do not accept images in .doc files, we do not accept text in a pdf. If your formatting is particular, you may submit a pdf alongside the .doc to show us how it should look.
– Please include your postal address and contact phone number (So we can post your free copy to you if you are included)
– Include any contact details you would like printed with your work, i.e. twitter name, contact email, website, blog. (Please note that we do not print biographies)

We look forward to seeing your work.


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